The new site…

Tracy Hills Ride Cuts

Welcome! Here’s the new site, up and running. Pretty simple for now but stay tuned, more to come….

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2 Responses to The new site…

  1. wesley feltner says:

    hello . my uncle told me he was a member of your club back in the 80s. his name was CD. he said it stood for crazy dan. im trying to locate some of his brothers and hear about the good ole days, he has since passed away. I grew up with the old guy, he was more a father to me than my dad was, and id like to check out your club, maybe make it a home for myself. let me know what you think. my name is wes. thank you.

    • kanjigiri says:

      Wes, hey thanks for the note, unfortunately I can’t provide info about members past or present but I appreciate your story and sorry CD isn’t around anymore, hope he passed peacefully. You are welcome to attend any of our events, just keep an eye out for info on one of the chapter sites or here on this site. If you see a member be sure to say hello and introduce yourself. If you let me know which county you are in I can try to point you to something. Be well.

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